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Cost per lead – Online marketing

Cost per lead

In business, leads are everything. Without generating leads, you can’t generate sales and without sales, you have no business. With the introduction of digital and online marketing platforms, businesses have had to re-look their lead generating methods. Many businesses have done so, successfully, while many are still in the dark about how it all works. […]

The 4 “P’s” of Marketing (And an extra P)

  A critical component of Marketing is messaging. This entails creating messages that are memorable. This article is about the main P’s of marketing.   Alliterating P’s is a popular way to create a memorable acronym. There is a saying that comes from the British army about Planning surrounding 5P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. […]

Evolve your brand culture – Your Ethos.

Evolve your brand culture Your Ethos

As we did in Evolve Your Brand Culture: Part 1 – Your History, we start off by comparing your brand as a country. Think of your brand as a nation, and then ask yourself: what is our unifying ideology? Your brand’s ethos and belief system will be derived from the strategy and is based around your […]

Evolving your brand culture – Your history.

Evolve your brands history and culture.

When comparing successful brands to successful countries, the parallels are clear: both have foundations, they have stories, their own ethics, a unique way to communicate, history, strong leaders and their own traditions – when defining your brand culture, you need to look closely at its history, in order to plan for the future. By applying […]

How to write an effective mission statement.

How to write an effective mission statement

An effective mission statement is a very important aspect of any brand. Not only does it tell your customers who you are, but it dictates to employees what your brand is about and who you are as a business. Writing an effective mission statement will also hold you accountable if your mission statement’s goals aren’t […]

Rebranding a Business: High Risk or Necessary for Growth?


“The sweetest word in the brand universe is your brand’s name” – Bill Schley + Carl Nichols Your name is the first and most powerful element of your brand. A great brand can help you stand out in the market. It can help you stand out as a leader in your industry. Conversely, a weak […]

Business Branding: Why do I need a brand?

Business Branding and why it is important

When it comes to business branding, I’ve been asked one question so many times – “Why do I need a brand?“- “Why should I spend money on defining a brand for my business?“- “Why can’t I just get my little cousin to design me a logo? He has some Photoshop skills.“ Truth be told, if […]

How to Get Your Brand Online

Getting Your Brand Online

        A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR BRAND ONLINE Most start-ups and young businesses face the challenge of getting their brand online. They don’t know where to start and end up doing it all wrong. This guide is specifically created to bridge this gap for entrepreneurs and help them build […]

The history of the olympic logo

Comprising of five interlocking rings, the Olympic logo is one of the most recognizable icons in the world. Building a brand that can last the test of time is no small feat and the Olympic logo is the perfect example of a timeless design, that works in any application – known around the world, the […]