In business, leads are everything. Without generating leads, you can’t generate sales and without sales, you have no business.

With the introduction of digital and online marketing platforms, businesses have had to re-look their lead generating methods. Many businesses have done so, successfully, while many are still in the dark about how it all works.

In August 2016, Digital Drawing Room signed a client in the moving industry who were desperate to decrease their cost per lead via online marketing channels.

Our online marketing team took the bull by the horns and after only a couple of months, their cost per lead was almost halved.

Cost per lead example:

Diminishing cost per lead graph


Because each lead costs less money, we have also been able to secure more leads every month than they have ever received before within a similar budget.

Leads example:

Total leads graph


Marketing has never been as targeted as it is now – finding a quality lead using traditional marketing methods, is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s difficult and it costs significantly more than online marketing does.

Market to Those Who Show Interest

Online marketing can be targeted to an audience within a specific geo-location, audiences with specific interests, certain age groups and a certain gender.

Potential clients can even be targeted depending on certain actions they take online – if a user showed interest in a certain page on your website, we can target him or her with specific messaging on platforms like Facebook, to encourage them to take up your offer.

Due to the highly targeted nature of online marketing, less money is wasted on people who are not interested in your products or services and money is only spent if someone shows interest by visiting your website or engaging with your content.

By utilizing multiple platforms online, potential clients can become paying clients with less money being spent by the advertiser.

If you’d like to learn more about how Digital Drawing Room can assist in decreasing your cost per lead and increasing brand awareness and lead generation, contact us and let’s provide you with a free consultation.

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