The sweetest word in the brand universe is your brand’s name” – Bill Schley + Carl Nichols

Your name is the first and most powerful element of your brand. A great brand can help you stand out in the market. It can help you stand out as a leader in your industry.

Conversely, a weak name can negate the work that you do to build your brand and market position. By not putting enough effort into naming your brand, you run the risk of being “branded” by the market, or even worse, you end up being ignored.

Some of the most powerful companies in the world have undergone rebranding exercises before becoming the powerhouses that they are today. Some of these might even surprise you:

Datsun, the car manufacturer, became Nissan. Starbucks, once known as Giornale, became Starbucks Coffee and later redefined themselves simply as Starbucks. One of the biggest soft-drink manufacturers in the world was once known as Brad’s Drink – you probably recognize them today as Pepsi.

When the vision for your business expands, your name can become too small to live up to the newly set standards. As your business grows, certain elements that could hold you back will inevitably stay behind – we don’t see this as a goodbye, but rather as a farewell.

A rebrand does not always have to entail an entire change of your name, either. There are plenty of examples where brands have changed their logo and corporate identity, without changing their name: Instagram and Microsoft Windows come to mind.

Examples of rebranding:Instagram rebranding exampleWindows rebranding example

A rebrand should not be seen as an end to your brand as you know it, but instead should be viewed as just another step in the longevity of your business; keeping things relevant and adjusting to the times, is never a bad idea.

Below is an example of a renaming and rebranding project that Digital Drawing Room did for the JNA Group, previously known as Lucas Quality Thatchers and JNA Projects.JNA rebranding example

Previously known as Lucas Quality Thatchers and JNA Projects, we were approached to merge the two brands and add elements for JNA Roofing and create a brand for JNA Group as a whole.

Drawing inspiration from the lines of thatch as well as the linear aspects of any construction site, we created a holistic brand that works together as a unit., while being strong enough for each business logo to work on its own.

JNA stationary example


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