An effective mission statement is a very important aspect of any brand. Not only does it tell your customers who you are, but it dictates to employees what your brand is about and who you are as a business.

Writing an effective mission statement will also hold you accountable if your mission statement’s goals aren’t met.

The main aim of a mission statement is to summarize the key brand criteria in a brief but compelling declaration of ideally no more than 100 words.

Your mission statement is part of your strategic communication and should be clearly worded and understood by both your clients and employees. Your mission statement should clarify what your brand does, its ambition for the future and what it stands for.

The key to an effective mission statement is to keep it relevant. Think of places of worship or civic buildings that often have inscriptions and texts carved into their walls or displayed in prominent places.

These inscriptions remind occupants that they are part of a community and to behave morally for the greater good. The complete mission statement, or part of it, can be displayed in the reception, canteen, lifts, staircases, common areas or even the car park of your office – you can display it anywhere where people will take notice and where it will constantly bring your mission statement to the front of their minds.

By displaying your mission statement for everyone to see, you allow employees to always bear the mission statement in mind, and allow customers to identify when your brand is not upholding your mission statement – this is a great way of keeping each other honest.


Things to consider when writing an effective mission statement:


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